Purpose Driven Fundraising

How to find your confidence purpose & story to ask and pitch for support 

The Purpose Driven Fundraising programme helps you find your confidence and find your case for support through purpose and story so you can connect, inspire and ask 

Why do we struggle to connect, say what we need, ask for support? 

Do you feel you lack personal confidence to ask and pitch for support? Do you worry your case for support is not clear enough and doesn't say what you do and why with clarity and passion?Are you concerned you dont have the confidence to use it consistently with passion and energy? Do you want to tell stories but feel you don’t have the permission, tools or skills to emotionally connect? Do you have a clear purpose that anchors and guides you, your team and organisation?

The new Purpose Driven Fundraising programme can help give you the confidence and tools needed to reach more people and raise more money 

The 5 Building Blocks of Purpose Driven Fundraising - a programme to help you fundraise with confidence & passion

Confidence, clarity, capability to get results

The Purpose Driven Fundraising Programme brings together the key elements of great fundraising into one programme. Space to find and connect with purpose. A bold reboot of your case for support, the need and your solution in language we get and can use. Stories, so you can tell our own and not be afraid. Asking and pitching with confidence, clarity and capability and above all spark. And tuning into the spirit of this approach so you can be strong, consistent and inspired

The Online Course

The Programme

Bespoke coaching

A full online course, wherever you are, on Purpose Driven Fundraising so you can review and create your case, find your purpose, find and share stories and learn how to ask and pitch for support.

A 90 Day programme with the online course, personal coaching, live workshops, work plans, weekly coaching calls, webinars and support from me to create your case, find your purpose, find and share stories and how to ask and pitch for support

A bespoke solution and deeper level of strategic review, consultancy and support taking all the tools from the 90 day programme and helping you build a new approach and strategy to transform your fundraising 

What you will get through the Purpose Driven Fundraising Programme to light up your fundraising

  • A revised simple but clear case for support and statement of need
  • A cut through one liner to describe who you are and what you do
  • A message map to cut through the jargon and speak with clarity
  • A framework for using your case in your strategy
  • A Fundraisers story tool kit
  • Clarity on your personal purpose
  • Your personal story found, and ready to share
  • A framework to find, collect and share stories
  • An understanding of the stucture of stories and how they connect
  • A programme to engage your colleagues in stories
  • Clarity on your personal purpose
  • A written team purpose

  • Clarity on your organisations purpose and then need and then case
  • Webinars to add value to your learning
  • A Facebook Group
  • A community to help support
  • Weekly coaching calls in the porpgramme
  • Team Workshops to insipre and lead your teams to step up and find confidence
  • Confidence, clarity and capability

Introducing Stephen George

Stephen George is a Fundraising and Leadership coach, consultant, trainer, international speaker, writer, and podcaster, specialising in helping charity leaders be better leaders who raise more money.

He has over 30 years’ all round fundraising experience at all levels in the UK and internationally with organisations such as NSPCC, UNICEF, RNIB, Action on Hearing Loss, Maggie’s and Scope. He specialises in leadership coaching, fundraising strategy, team development, legacies, community fundraising, and high value and major gifts. 

He was chairman of Remember a Charity, a UK consortium promoting gifts in wills, was a former vice chairman of the Insitute of Fundraising and is a trustee of a childrens cancer charity.

What people are saying

Joe Jenkins, Director of Supporter Impact & Income, at The Children’s Society

Penny Canepa-Anson, Associate Director of Development at the Science Museum Group

Adam Heuman, Director of Engagement, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

“Absolute pleasure to work with Stephen on every level! He seized our brief to develop an organisational case for support with complete gusto, bringing great experience, energy, insight and humour to the project. As a result, we emerged with a new way to tell the story of how our supporters can change children’s lives that is inspiring support up and down the country while enthusing and motivating our staff too. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Stephen.”

"Stephen brought a valuable ability to build on previous work we had done and challenge us to think differently about what we could achieve in the future. He is extremely skilled in managing groups of colleagues to bring out the best of our thinking and shaping the input of many into coherent and immediately usable outputs, sharing tools and methodologies with us along the way. His work has already raised the level of ambition in the team and colleagues are using the language we developed in their fundraising conversations to great effect."

"Stephen was everything you could hope for in a facilitator – energetic and personable, backed up by a huge bank of expert knowledge and experience. He tailored the session brilliantly to our organisation and as a result we got huge value from it."

Other training, workshops, speaking, conferences

From one day training, online courses to full masterclasses. Faciliated team sessions, creativity, innovation and problem solving and fundraising training & workshops. Keynote speaker around the world. Please join my list so I can keep you posted

If you're interested let me know...

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Please subscribe but if you want to talk, find out more or have a completely no strings consultation (a chat!) email me at stephen@goodleaders.co.uk